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The archive

Since 1959 we have been saving our best wines in our wine cellar. This is the place where we allow our best wines to mature further, and it will come as no surprise that this has turned into a holy grail. The atmosphere in our archives is serene to the point of being sacred.

We store a number of bottles of each wine from almost every year – after all, it is our archive. However, we do not have a set number of each wine, which means that our wine is more exclusive than others. Exclusivity does not necessarily equal taste, but rest assured that they are all of the greatest quality.

Archive wines

Our archived wines demonstrate what we are capable of, and they are proof of our expertise. Taken together, they make up the life’s work of many generations of winemakers, and that is why we treat our archived wines with the utmost possible care. One of the oldest bottles in our archives – a 1963 Sauvignon Blanc – is still considered to be one of the best Sauvignons ever created.

Of course we regularly check the quality of our archived wines, and at present this quality is on the increase for most of them. Others have reached the perfect age to be enjoyed, and you can find all the information you need on the condition of each wine in the specific wine descriptions. This is indicated using a quality system of one to five stars, and the number of stars not only deals with the quality of the wine, but also the number of years it can still be left to mature in your own cellar.