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Welcome to our online archive. Using the search criteria on the left you can launch a search query in our archive. Feel free to browse and you will discover what we have been storing in our Slovenian cellars for the last decades. Below you can find an overview of our most popular wines.

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2008 Traminer
TRAMINER Spätlese 2008
Excellent wine, can still mature for years
A very pleasant wine with gentle, varietal characteristics. Although it is suitable for immediate consumption, we recommend that this wine will benefit from further laying down as continued storage will allow the flavours to develop further. More information » € 36,95Price ex. taxes
1978 Furmint
FURMINT Trockenbeerenauslese 1978
Great wine, can still mature for years
Although the appearance of the wine fits the year of vintage due to its intensity in colour, it’s still youthful on the palate due to its vibrant acidity. It has the character of a high quality wine, yet has the potential for further maturation. More information » € 130,95Price ex. taxes
1979 Riesling
RIESLING Spätlese 1979
Very great wine, can still mature for years
An elegant, unobtrusive Riesling with notes of a longer maturation in the bottle. Although this wine is well matured, it will continue to develop. Suitable for both immediate consumption and further maturation. More information » € 102,95Price ex. taxes
1981 Furmint
FURMINT Trockenbeerenauslese 1981
Nice wine, can be kept for a few years
A highly regarded wine from the archive with all the characteristics of a special late harvest. The wine is juicy, with high levels of residual sugar accompanied by vibrant levels of acidity. Suitable for both immediate consumption and further maturation in the bottle. More information » € 57,95Price ex. taxes
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