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Limited stock 1988 Riesling
Great wine, can still mature for years

This wine has a golden colour with a yellow-greenish tint. The aroma indicates that the wine has already matured in the bottle for a longer period of time. Notes of dried herbs and a scent of varnish and sage in particular appear. The taste is herbal and spicy, with notes of dried fruits. Acidity and residual sugar are nicely balanced. The aftertaste is slightly spicy, with hints of dried figs and spices.

Colour: A golden colour with a yellow-greenish hue.
Aroma: A medium-intense aroma of dried spices, varnish, sage, smoke and dried fruits in the background.
Flavour: A herbal and spicy taste with residual sugar, mature acidity, dried fruits and smoke.
Life expectancy: 10 - 15 years € 40,95
Price ex. taxes


Location celler box 153
Product code 90ZHA04A1988
Bottle volume 0.7
Type of bottle Renana Standard
Type of cork ST 11
Alcohol (% vol) 10.16
Residual sugar g/L 15.8
Total acidity g/L 6.75
pH 3.11
SO2 free/total (mg/L) 5/90