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Special vintages

Mother Nature is the most fickle of all beings and as a winemaker you’re highly dependent on the caprices of nature and the climate.That also makes our business a great one,although it also means that some vintages are better than others.We have had many outstanding vintages in the history of our company, a few of which include...


Weather conditions in 1959 were almost perfect. This resulted in an excellent vintage, with wines that were extremely rich in extracts. Back in those days, most of the work was conducted manually in the vineyards. Even the bottling of the wine was carried out by hand, a delicate and time-consuming task. 


Not only due to the new bottling line, but also because of the favourable weather conditions, 1963 presented the company with an excellent vintage. It came about as a result of the harmony between acids and sugar, a combination that caused the majority of the wines to perfectly lend themselves to ageing. An excellent example of this is the Sauvignon Blanc, a wine so complex that it constantly receives high praise from those in the know.


The most notable wine variety of 1971 was undoubtedly the White Burgundy. Autumn proved to be ideal for the largest and finest late harvest of White Burgundy ever. In 1976, in Ljubljana, this wine was rewarded the title of ‘The Champion’ at the oldest and the largest wine competition. Often referred to as ‘the liquid candy’, the ’71 Sauvignon Blanc is a wine one simply should taste!

Apart from the Sauvignon Blanc, the vintage of 1971 is actually the finest vintage of the cellar’s first decade. It was a year in which every variety was of supreme quality and, as a result of subsequent decades of maturing in the bottles, developed tertiary aromas. Today, it constitutes the largest variety of wine stored in our vintage cellar.


After 1971, this proved to be the most successful vintage in the history of the new wine cellar in Ormož. The company bottled the fine quality wines of this extremely good vintage and left them to age. One wine that stood out was the Rhine Riesling – both the late harvest wine and the premium wine. It was so exceptional that, in 1985, the winning ski jumping team toasted their victory with the late harvest Rhine Riesling! In fact, all the wines produced in this year were of remarkable quality. A very good vintage indeed.


A truly successful year that produced wines far above average. In fact, it proved to be the third finest in the history of the new wine cellar. After 1971 and 1983, this vintage boasted a number of predicate wines. In this year, the largest quantity of wines was filled and left to age. This meant that this particular vintage is – with its 20 different varieties in stock – the vintage best represented in our archive.

The vineyards produced a dry berry selection of Furmint, which was of extremely high quality. With a dry berry selection, only those with botrytis are picked from the grapes, without the stem. While the required sugar level is 154°Oe. This results in rich, extremely aromatic wines.

The Rhine Riesling ice wine from Vinski vrh was of particularly fine quality. This is an achievement, as the Rhine Riesling requires very specific vineyard conditions. That is, the grapes need to be protected from unfavourable weather as well as being able to receive lots of sunshine.


The fine weather conditions of 1999 enabled the production of Welschriesling and Rhine Riesling ice wines. The late harvest Sauvignon and Traminer also proved to be of supreme quality.